Since 2007


Pristine Public School is a high class definition for holistic Education. We ensure the importance of quality teaching , that encourages our students to build their confidence level in their own abilities. The Academic Programmes at Pristine Public School are delivered through concepts and various intelligence modules. Within a safe and nurturing environment, we help our students develop a genuine love for learning, sports, and achieve quality academic success. Toencourage the development of skills and attitudes to promote lifelong learning. To enable all children to develop self discipline through self motivation. To foster an awareness of acceptable standards of work, attitude and behavior, both in and outside

Pre Primary Curriculum - (Nursery, LKG, & UKG)

Children join Pre Primary at three years of age and continue for three years until grade I. It promotes holistic development essential for continuous success in school life in student-centred settings. Children have an opportunity to participate in activities which weave arts, crafts, stories and play together to explore a range of concepts in language, mathematics and sciences. Pre Primary recognises the social nature of learning and children are encouraged to work not only in small groups but as a whole class as well. Each Pre Primary class is supported by two teachers thereby improving the student teacher ratio.

We include every child to be a part of all the activities conducted in class & outdoor.
  • Practice hands on activity
  • Introduce technology at the right time to educate the different situations
  • Recall and re emphasize on previously learned situations.
  • Train every child for initiated learning
  • Emphasize on right accent and communication
  • Take parents as partner in child's learning
  • Create Sparkling events & Celebrations.
  • Learning & developing the basic concepts through fine motor, gross motor & sensory skills.
  • Adopt teaching to make learning effective.
  • Give Positive Reinforcement in the entire environment.
  • Multiple intelligence practices.

Primary Curriculum - (1st To 5th Standard Programme)

PPS offers an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum for Primary school. Our academically rigorous curriculum is integrated with creative arts and presented imaginatively to engage the students physically, cognitively and emotionally.

It is our constant endeavour to facilitate and provide a productive learning process through activity-oriented lessons, hands-on work and extensive co-curricular activities. As students move through the Primary School, we begin to introduce them progressively to the world of integrated knowledge, while particularly strengthening their aptitude in the core studies of English, Mathematics, General Science and Social Science.

  • Curriculum with Technology.
  • Curriculum with Technology.
  • Student friendly approach
  • Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation.
  • Creative learning & writing skills.
  • Analytical thinking based work sheets & activities
  • Opportunities for self assessment (Extended Class Room Learning System)
  • Developing higher order thinking skills
  • Abacus to develop mental arithmetic capacities
  • Project to indicate scientific temper & competitive script.
  • E-Learning modules & Sports activities.
  • Concept, definitions & formula assessment.
  • Divergent thinking assessment.
  • Olympiad examination's (Science & Mathematics)
  • Activity based learning

PPS High School - (6th To 10th Standard Programme)

PPS High School students study a curriculum that is broad based with emphasis on the core subjects. High School students are ready to tackle deeper and more discreet subjects with an array of specialist mentors, including the challenge of additional languages. During these years, students become more independent learners. Learning goes beyond books through projects, multimedia presentations, group work and collaborative learning.

Students of Classes 9 and 10 study English, Hindi , General Science, Social Science and Mathematics.

  • CBSE Syllabus with integrated programmes.
  • E-Learning modules for interactive demonstrations.
  • Developing higher order thinking skills.
  • Special emphasis on Concept, Definition & Formulae (CDF)
  • Focus on Math's & Science Olympiads.
  • Analytical thinking based worksheets & activities.
  • Complete focus on building the genius in every child.
  • Structured Worksheets for building the genius.
  • Extended classroom learning worksheets are provided to the students on a regular basis.
  • Sports activities
  • Additional Value based activities.
  • NTSE Preparation
  • Divergent thinking assessment.